Dallas Sales Training Courses

Dallas Sales Training Courses

Might you and your sales force need a Dallas sales training course to counter the dramatic changes wrought by the Internet and social media? Have you changed and adapted to these disruptive changes in selling: Buyers empowered by technology now considering your products as commodities; sales cycles getting longer; win rates getting smaller; increased difficulty in reaching decision makers; sales people who devote precious little time to all-important prospecting and qualifying; sales methodologies that are outdated; salespeople who are not aligned with buyers as “value creators” helping the buyers re-shape their buying visions to reach more profitable solutions with your products and services?


Newt Holloway, an award-winning 40-year sales pro, delivers highly personalized best practices sales training courses to small and medium sized organizations in Dallas and DFW. Popular trainings include sales motivational talks, half-day, full-day and 2-day seminars and workshops as well as ongoing sales training courses on site or online by Webinars.


Research-Based Sales Training Seminars in Dallas TX


Professional salespeople a decade ago wouldn’t even recognize the landscape, challenges, and skill sets required today. Constant research and vigil are required to adapt to changing markets and sales processes. Newt Holloway studiously researches the latest research related to sales training. For example, a wealth of sales research was recently compiled and published by the RAIN Group. Their research on “Insight Selling” is based on the study and analysis of more than 700 corporate purchases and more than 150 conversations with buyers regarding their buying experiences. A number of these buyers, many of whom are or have been C-level executives at multi-billion-dollar corporations, agreed to allow them to be quoted directly in “Insight Selling: Surprising Research on What Sales Winners do Differently” (Mike Schultz and John E. Doerr, published by Wiley 2014).


Customized Sales Training for Your Business


Newt is eager to consult with you in advance of sales trainings to customize and personalize offerings that highlight your company’s products, services, markets, buying cycles and challenges. In addition, teachings and workshops on a wide assortment of modular sales topics are also offered “cafeteria style.”


To further enhance our sales training courses in Dallas TX, you can also receive ongoing coaching and mentoring on-site or in Webinars. Learning should never stop!


To schedule your customized, affordable Dallas sales training courses, call Newt Holloway today, (214) 295-4356, or email him at info@newtholloway.com!